My name is Emma. I answer questions, have a blog at medium, and can't spell for shit.
In theory, I am supposed to update this site Mon/Wed/Fri, but I just started it so this schedule may be subject to change.
I am intrigued by questions that get at "what does it mean to be free?" — free from trauma, free from societal pressure, free from whatever stupid ass overmind is getting all up in your business at any particular moment. How do we get over all the stuff other people are trying to get us to do so we can do what we want?
These questions interest me very much.
If they interest you too, you can read my stuff on this site or on my blog, or follow me on facebook or twitter if that's your thing.
You can also email me at if you have a question for this site.
Also, I got the cute snowflakes here cus I am not a designer.